100WomenWhoCareFernie – Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100 Women Who Care Fernie (100WWCFernie)?

100WWCFernie is for women, living in the Elk Valley, who have limited time to volunteer but a BIG heart for giving. We believe that a greater impact can be achieved when 100 like-minded women come together with a single purpose…to do good for our communities.

We commit to donating $100 per Giving Event, nominate local grassroots causes important to our community, and then as a group select the two causes to share the total donations raised. We aim to raise $10,000 at every Giving Event and in less than 1 hour…we give it all away.

The 100WWCFernie concept is simple, effective, and amazingly impactful!

Our philosophy

We are a group of women committed to making an impact where we live.  100% of all member donations are distributed to local grassroots organizations, not funded by typical granting bodies and all funds must remain in the Elk Valley.

How does 100WWCFernie work?

  • Members must make at least one donation of $100 and attend one Giving Event per year.
  • Giving Events are casual in nature, think stand-up networking event. Food & beverages are available for an additional cost.
  • Members register online to attend a Giving Event; the cost is $100 + Eventbrite processing fees.
  • Members registered for a Giving Event can nominate a local cause that is important to them.
  • In advance of the event, six causes will be drawn out of a hat and the six nominators are asked to make a 2-minute pitch at the Giving Event. The nominator must be at the event and is the ONLY person who can make the pitch.
  • At the end of the pitches, members vote for their two preferred causes. Proxies are not allowed.
  • The two causes with the most votes share the total funds raised 50/50.

A few simple rules

  • We are not a registered charity or society. Tax receipts will not be issued for your donation.
  • Nominations deadline closes 1 week prior to the Giving Event.
  • Members must be registered and present at the event to vote.
  • Majority rules. We expect all Members to support the voting outcomes.
  • Members agree not to use recipient names or causes for future solicitations.
  • Members consent to their information being stored in the 100WWCFernie database for future event notices. Information collected will not be shared or sold.
  • All Members understand their photos may be taken at Giving Events and give consent for those images to be used on the 100WWCFernie website and social media.

Who can receive 100WWCFernie funds?

  • Grassroots organizations located in the Elk Valley, that support social services, humanitarian, and cultural causes. National charities, sports activities and athletic groups are not eligible.
  • Funds are to be used for program delivery and not to support operations or staff costs.
  • Organizations funded by 100WWCFernie must wait two calendar years to be nominated again. I.e. Funded in 2021 = eligible for nomination in 2024.

How does the nomination process work?

Step 1 – As a registered member of a Giving Event, you (the member) will receive an email with a link to the online Nominations Form.

Step 2 – Deadline for nomination submissions is typically 1 week before the Giving Event.

Step 3 – All nominations are reviewed to ensure they meet the stated criteria.

Step 4 – Nominations are put into a hat and 6 are drawn for presentation by the nominator at the Giving Event.

Step 5 – The 6 nominators are advised in advance of the Giving Event and asked to prepare a 2-minute pitch ‘why their cause’.

Step 6 – All 2-minute pitches are deliver at the Giving Event by the nominator.  No displays, PowerPoints or representatives from your cause….just YOU and your heartfelt words.


  • In the case of duplicate nominations for the same organization, all will be put into the hat but only one pitch for the organization is permitted.
  • All nominations must come from registrant of the Giving Event.
  • If a nominator is not able to attend the event, another nomination will be drawn.