What is 100 Women
Who Care Fernie (100WWCFernie)?

100WWCFernie is for women, living in the Elk Valley, who have limited spare time but a heart for giving. They believe that a greater impact is realized when like-minded women come together to do good for their communities. They make a financial commitment of $100-$200 per year, give a few hours of their time to nominate and learn about local causes that need help and then as a group do something about it.

Our philosophy

We are a group of women committed to making an impact where we live. Through two Giving Events a year, 100% of our members contributions are awarded to local organizations that make an impact and benefit many. All funds awarded must remain in the Elk Valley.

How does 100WWCFernie work?

  • Members commit to donating $100-$200 annually and attend at least one Giving Event a year.

  • Two Giving Events take place each year, where members donate, nominate and vote on local causes to receive support. Two causes are selected and share all funds raised 50/50.

  • Each Giving Event costs $107.00 per person (includes $100 donation, plus processing fees).

  • 100% of the funds raised are donated back into our communities.

A Few Simple rules

  • Members unable to attend a dinner will make a $100 donation in advance of the upcoming dinner.
  • As we are not a registered charity, tax receipts cannot be issued for your financial gift.
  • Only Members attending the dinner are eligible to submit Gifting Nominations and represent a cause.
  • Gifting Nominations are completed and submitted prior to the Giving Dinner.
  • Gifting Nomination Forms must be complete. Missing information will disqualify the nomination.
  • You must be present to vote; proxies are not accepted.
  • Majority rules. Even if you don’t care for the selected causes, we expect all Members to be supported of our collective efforts.
  • The organization and all members agree NOT to use recipient names or causes for future solicitations.
  • All members consent to their information being stored in the 100WWCFernie database and understand it will not be shared or sold.
  • All members understand their photos may be taken at dinners/events and give consent for those images to be used on the 100WWCFernie website and social media feeds.

Giving Dinners

Date to be announced.

Making a difference.

Who can receive 100WWC Fernie Funds?

  • Organizations, non-profits, and organized groups located in the Elk Valley
  • Non-eligible uses of funds include administrative, office, staff, contractor, or consultant-related expenses.
  • National charities are not eligible, unless the organization can prove that 100% of the funds will stay in the Fernie and surrounding area (Elk Valley).
  • Causes that have been funded may be nominated two years following the original receipt of the funds.

How are Causes Chosen?

  • All Gifting Nomination Forms will be vetted by the Steering Committee ensuring they meet the criteria.
  • All approved nominations will be entered into the Giving Dinner draw.
  • Six nominations will be drawn, and the nominating Member asked to speak for 2 minutes about the cause.
  • Following the presentations, Members will cast their vote for their top two causes.
  • The top two recipients will be presented a cheque payable to their nominated cause.
  • It’s fast, simple, and amazingly effective.
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