Making a Difference. Together.

How we got here.

In the fall of 2019, a group of local women gathered together with the intention of making a difference in our communities. A wonderful evening was planned, where 100 amazing Elk Valley women would gather to hear about local groups in need of funding. Through a nomination and voting process, two groups would be selected to share the total funds raised! And then the COVID-19 global pandemic brought everything to a halt. We don’t know when we might gather in-person, but we do know there are many grassroots organizations that need help so that they can continue to support the people in our communities. SO, we agree to carry-on and host our first Giving Event virtually – hosted on Zoom.

In December 2020, the inaugural 100 Women Who Care Fernie virtual Giving Event sold out with 105 members joining and collectively donating $10,500! They came together virtually, nominated, voted and awarded three great organizations $3500 each.

100WWCFernie members remain steadfast in their commitment to make an impact in the Elk Valley by supporting two Giving Events a year.

The 100WWCFernie concept is simple, effective and amazingly impactful!

Past Giving Events

December 4, 2020 – read more

May 7, 2021 – read more

November 5, 2021 – read more

Thursday Nov. 3, 2022

Next Giving Event Countdown

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Making a difference. Together.

We are meeting in person!

The November event will be held in-person and online. Those who would like to gather are invited to The Castle on 1st Avenue. Otherwise, please join online via zoom.

We are also excited to share that Fernie Catering will be providing food and drinks.

Charcuterie Boxes $25.00 (available for pre-order – link to follow)
that include (but are not limited to) artisan cheeses, cured meats, in-house pickled vegetables and house-made dips, seasonal chutneys, home-made lavash crackers, seedy cracker, fresh fruit, and dried oranges.
Mulled wine with Clove Studded Oranges
Organic Apple Cider with with Cloves, Cinnamon,
Fernie Distillers -Lavender Fernie Fog with Chai Tea

How it works.

  • Two Giving Events are hosted per year – the 1st Thursdays of May and November
  • Members register for a Giving Event by making a donation of $100
  • Registered members nominate a local cause important to them*
  • Nominations meeting the stated criteria are put into a hat and six are selected
  • The nominating members of the 6 causes give a 2-minute pitch at the Giving Event.
  • Attending Members vote for their top two choices and the two causes receiving the most votes share the total funds raised 50/50*

*Nominating members MUST be available to present at the Giving Event. Substitute presenters are not allowed. Causes funded by 100WWCFernie are eligible for re-nomination two years from the original receipt of the funds.

Who can receive 100WWCFernie Funds?

  • Organizations or non-profits located in the Elk Valley that:
    • Serve the residents of the Elk Valley
    • Support social services, humanitarian, and cultural causes
    • Support or serve many
  • National charities, sports activities and athletic clubs are not eligible
  • Funds are to be used for program delivery and not for administrative, office, staff, contractor, or consultant-related expenses
  • 100% of the funds must remain in the Elk Valley

What is 100WomenWhoCareFernie (100WWCFernie)?

100WWCFernie is for women, living in the Elk Valley, who have limited spare time but have a heart for giving. They believe that a greater impact is realized when like-minded women come together to do good for their communities. The time commitment is only 1-2 hours a year, here is it works:

Donate at least $100 per year –> Nominate a local cause important to you –>

Attend the Giving Events –> Learn about 6 causes –> Vote –> Fund 2 local causes

Our philosophy

We are a group of women committed to making an impact where we live. 100% of our member contributions are awarded to local grassroots organizations who are not funded by typical granting bodies. All funds must remain in the Elk Valley.

How does 100WWCFernie work protocols?

  • Members must make at least one donation of $100, and attend one Giving Event/year

  • At each Giving Event, members donate, nominate and select two local causes to fund

  • 100% of the funds raised are distributed, and all proceeds stay in the Elk Valley

  • Members can attend Giving Events in-person or virtually (via Zoom)

  • Giving Events are held twice a year – the 1st Thursday in May and November

Making a Difference. Together.

4 Giving Events

$37,600.00 Raised

9 Local Causes Funded

How are Causes Chosen?

  • Members registered for a Giving Event may submit a Gifting Nomination Form
  • All nominations are reviewed by the by the Steering Committee to ensure they meet the set criteria
  • All approved nominations are put into a hat and six nominations drawn
  • The six nominating members are advised in advance of the event, and asked to make a 2-minute pitch for their cause
  • Nominating members MUST be available to present at the Giving Event. No substitutes accepted.
  • Following the presentations, members in attendance vote for their top two causes
  • The two causes receiving the most votes share to total funds raised 50/50
  • Nominations from past Giving Events (not funded) are brought forward to future Giving Events, at the discretion of the nominator
  • It’s fast, simple, and amazingly impactful

Some other notes.

  • Gifting Nomination Forms must be complete. Missing information will disqualify the nomination
  • No Proxies – You must be present to vote
  • Majority rules. Even if you don’t care for the selected causes, we expect all Members to be supported of our collective efforts
  • Members agree not to use recipient names or causes for future solicitations
  • Members consent to their information being stored in the 100WWCFernie database and that all information is considered confidential and will not be sold
  • Members understand photos may be taken at events and give consent for those images to be used to promote the activities of 100WWCFernie
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